Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tagged by Kosu(mosquito)

Ne had actually tagged me earlier but those questions on the tag were so hopeless that i couldn't even get to the end of answering all of em. ;)
Kosu here has tagged me with this one and lets see how this goes.

Last Movie I saw in theatre:
Honestly, i dont remember for sure. I think its 'taare zameen par'. The direction was great for a first timer but the story could have been better.

What book(s) are you reading?
I seldom read books. I am reading one right now though.The Alchemist. Its taking me almost a month( you know with my busy schedule n all ) and am soon gonna finish it.

Favorite Board game:
snake and ladder - No second thoughts.

Favorite magazine:
"Tinkle" when i was young... "Time" rite now.

Favorite smells:
kerosene, smell of clothes after they are ironed using a charcoal iron, and ofcourse a lot of perfumes.. name a few - charlie red,cool water etc.

Favorite Sound:
Has to be shakti's music.

Worst feeling in the world:
When i see someone who's handicapped.

First thing you think of after you wake up?
Do i really need to go to work today?

Favorite Fast Food :
muniyandi vilas near my undergrad college.( barotta and chicken sherva... TOO MUCH!!!)

Future Childs Name:
Never thought of it till now and don't intend to any soon.

If I had a lot of money I'd....
Spend it all on self and family.

Do you drive fast ?
umm.. thinking about it now.. i am more of a leisure driver.. i enjoy a slow long one rather than a fast one. ( of course with great music)

Do I sleep with stuffed animals?
No stuffed animals..i used to sleep with a couple of bones in my room last year..!!!

My first car?
Dont own one yet.. if dads car counts.. Swift.

Storms - Cool or scary?
Definitely Cool.

Favorite Drink
my self invented vanilla whey protein shake with skimmed milk+ bananans+ strawberries+ honey

If I had the time I would...
wrong question. I have all the time in the world, yet do nothing.

Do you eat the stems of broccoli?
YUCK. broccoli( or its stems), in my opinion, is not even something to be eaten. God knows who pioneered the concept.Its tastes more like grass than anything.

If you could dye your hair what color would it be?
im happy with black and would stay black.

Name all the cites you have lived in.
Hyderabad, delhi, chennai, chicago

Favorite Sports to watch.
I dont like to watch em.. i rather play em.

One nice thing about the person who tagged you.
ummm.. what can i say abt kosu..if you ask him to speak for 10 Rs, he will speak for 100 Rs which is a great source of info.

Whats under your bed?
A lot of dust. I clean the floor of my room but am too lazy to go all the way under the bed.

Would you be born as yourself again?
Given a choice, id be born as Brad Pitt with a Phd in aeronautical engineering. Second to that would be myself.

Morning Person or Night Owl?
Owlest ever.

Over easy or Sunny SIde Up?
Neither - i like proper omelette with lots of onions, green peppers and chillies.

Favorite place to relax.
Sauna in the west campus Gym.

Favorite Pie.
nope.. not a very pie person. I am more of a cookie person. Sugar coated cookie from potbellys.yumm!!!

Favorite Icecream flavor.
Plain old vanilla.

Of all the people who you tagged who is more likely to respond first.
I dont have too many blogger friends and gona tag this to very few people.
Im guessing yoma is due this tag. so am guessing him.

People i tag :
Arun Rakesh