Friday, August 29, 2008

so am back!

its been a really long time since i last posted and hence this post is gonna be a couple of advances that happened in my life in the recent past :

* Settled at NY now with a job!!Almost everything worked according to the plan..
* Ive lost about 9 pounds but put on love handles. I feel lazy and this is the worst physical state i think ive been in my entire life after i started working out.My top todo items is getting back to shape..and it starts on monday.
*I have an awesome room set up..with a 22' monitor.. bose companion 5...candles..awesome lights...and all the other good stuff..a semi fulfilled dream..which is exactly what i expect for now.
*Made some lovely new friends at work.

Things are really busy at the moment with training coming to an end and time to joing my real "work" within a week. Totally contradictory to what i kept/keeps me extremely busy. + all the room setup chores with unlimited visits to ikea.

This is the first time im staying away from people(My tamil bro's) i know...for once i am actually able to spend time thinking to/about myself..its nice.. lot of grey areas uncovered.
Weird dream that i remember from last nite - i dreamt a technical joke.
It goes like this in java 1.5:
List<Object> a = new ArrayList<Object>();

For those who didnt comprehend the above, please ask one of your nerdy friends about it and they ll decode it for u.

*** Going away this weekend to this place called pokonos.Hoping it'd be fun.. a break after a long long time..5 hours of paintball tomorrow.. then camping in the woods.. and river rafting on sunday..lets see how it goes.

More Later.