Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dogs,Myopia and 4AM

Recently, me and 'P' were exploring the thought of how a dog could be tested for nearsightedness. A lot of wasted discussions later we coudn't find a proper solution to it.Searched quite a bit on the web luck.
Today was a fun day, after a long long time, hung out with a couple of nice, fun people which brought back memories of what it is to be around more than 3 other people. Guess i was just too busy settling into work, home, life..( i guess??) since i moved from chicago. i was turning into an introvert and surprisingly i didn't feel weird about it even though i knew i was.This was a good eye-opener.
It was 'J's bday and congratulations on turning 29 babe ;)
Time's literally flying- it was a month ago that i booked my ticket to India and its come down to another 15 days. I seldom realize when the week begins and when it ends.In no time, ill realize that im sitting in the cab with my heavy suitcase,going to newark airport, with half of my suitcase filled with ferrero rocher's.
Im really excited about this trip to chennai. A lot of decisions to make while im there, or rather after i come back from there.In the true iphone sense - "THIS IS GONNA CHANGE EVERYTHING".
New year's will be exciting to see how it ll play out. First it was Singapore, which got ditched cause of my complicated visa procedure of getting a Singapore visa from the US to go from India. Then it was Goa, atrociously expensive.Now its a choice between Chennai or Pondy.Honestly, i dont think it matters where we go.With U,Y and R around.. any place would be,LEGEN........wait for it......wait more for it...DARY.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Random thoughts in my head..

1)The whole vegetarianism thing .. Its okay to kill bugs, ants and roaches, mice and the like, but not okay to kill a chicken or a cow or a pig. What are the parameters to be considered to kill an animal without guilt? is the animal's brain matured enough to feel the pain? does the animal cause any discomfort to us?

2)Can a person change his/her attitude in a life time. Maybe i don't mean attitude- Maybe i mean personality.I made a half hearted search in google to see what personality exactly meant.. it had too many meanings.. i gave up!Would he/she know that he/she is changed once he/she is changed?

3)Probably the then scariest thing in my life..Passing sheets of papers back and forth, side to side during my undergrad college final exams (All semesters)!To be honest.. i cant think of a single exam where we guys didn't exchange sheets during exam..(There might be a couple where i didn't.. but at least cant remember).Its so much fun looking back at it now.

4)Is happiness a collective set of goals/thoughts that's accomplished when we achieve them? Do we often realize how relative happiness could get? Are we glad that it is so? Are we on the right end of the spectrum?

5)Isn't it taking too long for apple to invent/discover/market wireless headphones?

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