Monday, September 1, 2008

Rock on!!!

Its been about six months since i saw a Hindi movie.. and this definitly made it to my all time favorites.!!Adding to it.. traditionally im not a very big bollywood fan.
One of these odd days, a movie comes along which firstly, makes sense and secondly, makes u introspect.This was it.
Missed my whole gang from chennai.. reminded me of all the crazy/fun nights we used to spend... i hate to think that those days are over and things have all changed so soon.
Time just flies. I hate it.. i dont want it to!! i wish we had an option to live a few years more than others at will.The worst part of it all..u dont realize the worth of those days when ur in them.
The thought comes up again.. which bty strikes me atleast once a day.. is it really worth staying here in the US.. away from family, lovely friends and a collective happy feeling about life?