Sunday, February 15, 2009


Yesterday started at 6 AM cursing myself to switch off 10 alarms, with the first one at 4.45, in succession. I had a bus to catch in New york ( Madison square) at 6.30. I had half an hour to catch the bus with nothing packed. I rushed down to the car service beneath my apartment.And my wretched luck, the only car they had was a limo.Didn't have a choice, so shed a fortune and finally got the bus at 6.35. I was the last person to get in. Was an amazing experience. In addition to that, something that i hadn't done before. Was in four states in a single day. Starting with Jersey City, New york, Boston and New Hampshire.I am in Boston today, chilling out with my cousin and niece for the long weekend. Had some of the best Chicken biryani and Chicken curry, rounding of with some amazing brownies made by my niece.Probably gained the most number of pounds , humanly possible, in a single day.
Sidenote : Prashant - I thought of catching up with you man.. but here for such a short time.. will meet up next time im here.. which would be soon.. (Atleast for the amazing food i get to have here)