Monday, January 26, 2009

It's a boy

This is about a couple i know for a while now.They just conceived a baby boy very recently.
It so happened that, they hadn't planned for the kid, but in the event of things it so happened and the rest is history.
Now, 10 years later, if the kid somehow gets to know this or i wouldn't be surprised if my friend himself told him, how would the kid perceive this?
I had these questions meandering in my head.. would it have been the same him even if they had conceived after 5 years as they had planned. Would he have the same looks?Would he have the same character?Would he have felt happy or sad that it could have been someone else in his place?
In any case, keeping that aside, i was wondering why we don't ever care to know about our ancestors beyond our grandfathers up the hierarchy?( At least, many of us.)Ultimately, without them we wouldn't be wherever we are.People around us haven't set a commonplace standard, so we never have followed.
Talking about society and the influence of influence(yes, i typed it twice), i have loads on my head to write about it.Will do soon.

Monday, January 12, 2009


I have pretty much experienced every single human emotion emotable in the past month.December 07, Chennai,felt so satisfied, wouldnt have felt bad if i was to be locked in a room for the rest of my life.December 08,Chennai, woudnt mind if i have to end my life at this moment.

A lot of memories that i know i would cherish till the next time i go back.Its amazing how well you can connect to a couple of people even though you havnt met them in the recent past and spoken to them a couple of times a month.

Happy new year by the way. Hope you have your new years resolutions working for you. I have mine,Lose 25 pounds - caveat? - eating whatever i want, and so far am on track.By the way, you should really try working out in the middle of the day. I do, and at the end of it, feels like you are beginning a whole new healthy day at 2 in the afternoon.(And you'd feel like you have earned your lunch ).

Highlight of the india trip - Me , UR and PV went away to this resort in mahabs where they take you on a boat, a mile into the see and we got to see some submerged temples in the water.Apparently, they are about a 1000 years old.It was right around afternoon, but i sought of got some morbid shivers about the place.

Then comes the best part - we are a mile away from the coast and we jumped into the sea with the water beneath our feet for 90 feet. You see nothing but the horizon on one side and the world you live in on the other .Its amazing, its a must do.Ofcourse, we had life jackets on, but i've never managed to stay afloat in water my entire life - so i am proud of myself to be the first one getting into the water. I have it all taped and im sure ill keep showing it to people my entire life.

And then there was the ever senseless pondy ride ritual.Leave in the morning from home. 2 hours of high speed driving. Have lunch at some random place.Get drunk with cheap liquor and head back home before sunset.I know we ll keep doing this forever.

More to come...