Sunday, February 24, 2008

my lil niece

Suddenly coding in 'php' seems very interesting. I cant actually believe it that i sat on a problem and finished it within an hour, of which i have been thinking over a week - Contemplating to do or not for my project.Thanks to one of my roomies yoma- a casual chat with him triggered it all.
Yesterday i got pinged on my gtalk messenger from my cousins ID. To my surprise it was my niece who is in her 7th grade rite now. when i asked her for my cousin, she replied saying she'd gone out.
I lost a second understanding that moment. I was thinking what was i capable of doing with the computer when i was in the 7th grade. Here she is able to turn it on, find her way to gtalk and log into it( maybe it happens automatically) finding me and chatting with me on it. i was totally impressed.
The computer class in my 7th standard used to be waiting for my turn in a line to play this age old game called bricks- trying to reflect a ball off a horizontally movable surface and demolish as many brick as possible.(how intellectual!!)
Does this mean, are kids getting more intelligent than they used to be ?? or are they just getting used to operating the comp so easily cause they are introduced to it earlier in age.
I believe this paves way for a bigger problem - doesnt this mean that by the time my niece is my age, she'd probably be way more knowledgeable than me. Isnt that messing up the whole age long knowledge vs age balance?? And bty, i don't think this holds good only to the technology aspect of it. I am trying to apply it to different scenarios and looks like its a messy problem.. or am i just wasting my time thinking about stuff life this??

Thursday, February 21, 2008


So, like how four fifths of all blogger's start off writing their first blog...
I have been thinking of writing a blog for about a year and half now and looks like the time has finally come. I did start writing twice or thrice before and never reached the end, so eventually just deleted it.Not sure if ill get to the end of this one.. lets see!!!

Why blog now?
Basically sooper vetti( tamil lingo- ull find a lot of it as it comes naturally to me, but its not like u cant make sense of the words if you're not tamil).
In doubt, there is always the wiki for Madras Bashe.
Lately, too many thoughts running up my head and thought i should probably draft them out- and yes, i hate the concept of "dear diary".

What i do now?
Anyways, being TOTALLY vetti is not entirely true.Just that i only have my master's project to finish and my Grad assistant job to take care of( my workplace would be a whole another blog), so i am way relaxed than what it used to be.

Basha Background
I came to the US in Aug of 2006 and doubtlessly, these two years have been the most eventful years in my entire life. Its funny, cause i always think that from any point of time of my life, i think that the last two years were the most eventful years of my life. I'd probably stop thinking that way once i join work and become a slave to the "indian settled in the US dream" and perform an 8 to 9 mundane job. we'll see soon.
Did my undergrad in a college called AIHT(u should start applying for a job at Google maps if you do know or heard of my college) in Chennai, but never actually gave a damn about it,since i hardly went to college.My gang was mostly outside the college and have some amazing memories from the four years.( Another Blog - Long for AB).
11th and 12th standards... not particularly very proud of.. and before that i would be the average unnoticed fat kid whose most interesting part of the day would be the lunch break at school.
Looking back at things, i am glad i had such an amazing childhood and everything good or bad thats happened till date has happened and i wouldn't change a thing. OK ill stop.

Fresh off the boat( FOB)
America - my childhood dream coming true - So, i thought.
Its hard to come to a new place for anyone leaving home after a 20 year old shelter under your parents. My first( except for missing parents in the flight journey) realization of reality didn't actually struck me till the time that i actually had to rinse the plate i ate in( and of course the other utensils and everything later down). Im not doing alambal, but seriously, i have never had to wash my own plate after eating and guys of most average indian families would agree with me. And of course how can i forget, i lived with four other guys and the kitchen's state is left to your wildest imagination.( AB about first experiences in the US)

I havn't met a single guy i knew from Chennai who says they had/are having an awesome time while doing their master's. I totally disagree.. as mentioned earlier, it cudnt have got better than with the four roomates i had( all an year senior to me), humorous and caring in their own weird way and there were very few times i missed home.( i dont live with them anymore though, all of em got jobs and moved out to a diff city).
Forgot to mention, the previous year, where i used to stay, there used to about 25 tamil guys staying in the same building, so there was always something or the other to do.( did i mention my mother tongue was The street where we lived was called claremont, so i am gonna refer to these guys here on as Claremont,
Here on, i would call it THE transformation of my life and the most important factor of it all learning the defence techniques of the art of Kalai( In other words, defend yourself from verbal abuse by artistic shielding- include but not restricted to, actions, sounds and high pitch screams). I never got to even half of my guru's potential.. but boy have i learnt so much in the process. If you didn't understand a word of what i meant, never mind.. i will talk a lot about it in future blogs.

What was i doing before i started writing this blog?
Was doing my master's project and go so bugged of writing a report that i thought i should take a break and started this off. and guess what, looks like i AM to successfully publish my first blog. Anyways,I should probably go back and do the report now since i have a near approaching deadline on it. So till next time. Ciao.

BTB: ive become a huge Massive attack fan, and anyone who can get their hands on an album esp: protection, don't miss out on this underrated band. If you like the soundtrack of the movie American Beauty, ud fall in love with this immediately.