Sunday, January 10, 2010

Watch my watch.

I've not worn a watch for almost 2 years now, just because i couldn't find the right one i needed. This took this long, obviously because i only had a very vague idea about what i wanted from a watch.
i was looking around the watch collection in Sears and to my (craziest of the year so far )surprise, i saw a Casio watch model that somebody ( don't even remember who) bought for me from the US when i was in the 7th grade.I used it for 3 wide years.Never saw or thought about it after that.
I went nuts.I was so happy to see it today.It costed just 20 bucks and was on sale, but i wouldnt have thought twice to spend an exponential multiple of the same for the day made.
Even though its not exactly what i want out of a watch for the past 2 years, this watch is way more than what i could have expected out of any watch in the world.

Strange things and places you find happiness.


Srichand said... is so nice to see that watch :) I spent the last half hour trying to remember where I saw the watch last, and as i remember it, i think it was a hand-me-down from kanna..remember the dude in chennai who is sunita akka's relative. I think I got it fromm him when he left to the US and then after me, (with a prompt graduation to the touch screen watch, i might add) you took it over, but then all this might be a desperate attempt by my mind to come up with a story for the watch...Anyway, I am happy for you about the whole crappy casio watch thing :D

Brat said...

I can totally relate to that. I have a similar watch too! :-)

zudec said...

@ Srichand - Oh yeah, now i remember .I sought of remembered later if Sivaji uncle's sreeram had brought it - nevermind - Doesnt really matter now i guess. :)

@Brat - The same kind?that would be freaky.